Workshop: Eyes Across the Indian Ocean

Date: Wednesday 19th November 2014 Time: 10.00am – 12.30pm Place: John Medley-216B Building Map: This half-day gathering is the first event of the ‘Indian Ocean Research and Action Network’ ( ). An initiative of a group of early career researchers at the University of Melbourne, IORAN connects scholars, artists and activists working to increase co-operation and understanding across the unevenly globalising region encompassed by the Indian Ocean. The network fosters engagements between innovative projects focusing on societies along the Indian Ocean rim, highlighting connections and acting as a focal point for Australian researchers in the region. Forging partnerships between university-based researchers and the broader community, IORAN hosts interdisciplinary seminars, student workshops and public events. In recent years, the Indian Ocean has emerged as a new cartography of empire as writers in Security Studies and International Relations increasingly identify the region as the cradle of a post-US world order and. Alongside this rising tide of interest in contemporary geo-politics across the Indian Ocean, historians, artists and writers over the last decade have explored the region as a ‘liquid continent’ that has long connected various peoples since the code governing monsoon winds was deciphered in 7th century BC. As Aboriginal communities on the northern coasts of the Australian mainland have long insisted, dynamic networks threading Australia into the Indian Ocean world long predate European colonisation and over the last three centuries new axes of mobility have emerged at times threading the very interior reaches of Australian deserts into an oceanic ecumene. The aim of the IORAN is to support and encourage dynamic, often overlooked perspectives onto the region from an Australian standpoint. This workshop will bring together scholars at the University of Melbourne and presenters will speak for 15 – 20 minutes about their scholarly and/or creative projects casting critical eyes across the Indian Ocean. Attendees:

  1. Shakira Hussein (Asia Institute):
  2. Amanda Gilbertson (SSPS):
  3. Coel Kirkby (Law):
  4. Kate McGregor (History):
  5. Nadia Faragaab (Burji Arts):
  6. Samia Khatun (History):
  7. Andy May (History):
  8. Sudhya Pahuja (Law):
  9. Adil Khan (Law, International Visitor):

For more information, please contact Samia Khatun on +61 408 225 035