Spring and Autumn forum

The next Spring and Autumn Forum will be held on 28 October 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., in the Research Lounge, Arts West (North Wing), University of Melbourne.  (Take lift to Fifth Floor and turn right: it’s just before Room 553).  Lunch will be provided.
The theme:  Insiders and Outsiders:  Looking at national histories from home and away.
This round table discussion  about differences and convergences in approaches to history by scholars in Asia (China, Japan etc.), and Australia (or the West more broadly), and our experiences in dealing with these in conference settings, the classroom, or publication.  There is a rich literature dealing with this  (” exogenous versus endogenous historiography” ) in academic and hermeneutical terms, but the on-the-ground, inter-personal  experiences of practising historians are not often aired and are worth discussing.
RSVP  a.finnane@unimelb.edu.au  21 Oct 2016.  If you have a sub-topic  (i.e., something related, that you’d like to speak to, let me know). Also, let me know if you need a parking permit and I will see what can be done.