Current Graduate Students

Faye Chan Control and Resistance: The Social and Legal Regulation of Indonesian Chinese Women,;
Yi-Hsuan Chang Britain’s Prestige and British Policy in Southeast Asian in the late 19th
Sarah-Letetia Craze  Piracy as a manifestation of failed
Grace Edwards Dancing Dragons: A History of Chinese-Australian Involvement in Dance-related Cultural
Mayuko Itoh Dream Chasers: The transnational lives of Japanese migrant women in international
Hannah Loney Women’s experiences of the Indonesian occupation of
Cherie McKeich Objects of Empire: TN Mukharji and India at international exhibitions,
Jessica Melvin  The 1965 Mass Killings in
Jason Ng Red Shadow: communism as a catalyst to the formation of modern
Sonia Randhawa What was the role of female Malay-language print journalists in negotiating the changes in the portrayal of women during the process of Arabic Islamisation in Peninsular Malaysia between 1987 and 1998?
Erin Taylor Burmese-Australian migration: a transnational
Shan Windscript Shades of the Future: Diaries from the Chinese Cultural Revolution Period
Hani Yulindrasari Male Teacher in Indonesia Early Childhood Education: Preserving or Challenging Existing Gender Construction
Lily Yulianti Gender representation in the Indonesian Media: Megawati Sukarnoputri and Three Election Campaigns 1999, 2004 and