The Dim Sim

One of our graduates Dr Barbara Nichol was a recent guest on ABC Radio National’s Historyonics, discussing the origins of the dim sim and its role in the history of Chinese immigration to Australia. Barbara’s PhD thesis—’The breath of the wok: Melbourne’s early Chinese restaurants—community, culture and entrepreneurialism in the city, late nineteenth century to the 1950s’—was completed in 2012, and she is currently revising it for publication.

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For other snippets of Barbara’s work, see ‘Tracing Victoria’s passion for Chinese cuisine‘ (Age, 7 June 2006); ‘Sweet and sour history: Melbourne’s early Chinese restaurants’ in Memento 34 (2008); a short piece Barbara contributed to a website on U.S marines in wartime Melbourne (‘U.S. Marines and Melbourne’s Chinese restaurants: New perspectives on the home front, 1939-1945’), and her entry on Melbourne’s Chinese restaurants, cafes and cookshops (1830s-1950s) on the CHIA website hosted by the Melbourne Chinese Museum.