Dr Katharine McGregor: Indonesia, Memory and Transnational Human Rights Activism

Recently Dr Katharine McGregor of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne received a four year ARC Future Fellowship grant (2014-2017) for a project entitled Confronting Historical Injustice in Indonesia: Memory and Transnational Human Rights ActivismHer research into human rights activists in Indonesia, including survivors of violence, members of human rights NGOs such as Amnesty International, journalists and artists, will offer new insights into how activists attempt to deal with past injustices. This project will look at Indonesian activism from the late Suharto era (1990s) to 2016 and the ways in which a range of events and periods have been remembered: the Japanese occupation (1942-45), including forced labour and forced sexual slavery; the independence struggle (1945-49) focusing on Dutch atrocities against Indonesians; and the 1965-68 anti-communist violence, including mass killings and detention without trial. The research will advance knowledge in the fields of memory studies, human rights studies and the history of Indonesia, and help build Australian scholarly expertise in these areas.

Two recent press articles published by Dr. Katharine McGregor (second article co-authored with Dr Jemma Purdey):

Echo of history in Jokowi’s ‘mental revolution’

Half a century on, victims’ voices haunt a democratic Indonesia